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Star-Fields / Sternfelder

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Alpha and Beta Centauri


Magellanic Clouds beneath

 the Milky Way

Southern Milky Way

from Gemini to Crux

Milky Way


Milky Way at Scorpius

and Sagittarius

Milky Way from

Serpens to Scorpius

Central cloud of the

Milky Way in Sagittarius

Cepheus Wide- and


Scorpius (southern part)

with M6 & M7

Orion field


Orion wide field


Scorpius (northern part)


Antares Region


Region around Eta Carinae


Milky Way in Cygnus


Area around IC 4628 in

 southern Scorpius

IC 2944, Area around

Lamda Centauri

Area around NGC 6726/27/29

 in Corona Australis

NGC 4372 and "Dark

Doodad"-Nebula in Musca

Deep view of the

Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)



Do you realy think you

can see anything, if a

440000 star panorama

image is reduced to

~50x150 Pixels ;-)

Just click and see...



M23, M24, M25 and others


M24 and others


Constellation Crux with

Coalsack Nebula and Jewel Box

Southern Milky Way

from Taurus to Norma

Swiss Sky above

Rhone Glacier

Scorpion above Crete


 Mirabello Bay/Crete at night


 Andes at the

Chilean/Bolivian border 



 Dawn in the Eifel/Germany


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,

California, USA

Valle de la Luna,

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


Zeller Horn, view to Hohenzollern castle,


Zodiacal Light with Venus,

La Palma, Spain

Tropical Night at Praslin/Seychelles