[back] Comet C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS together with M 31 

Higher resolved image / höher aufgelöstes Bild   (1500 x 1132)

  (c) 2013 All astro photo images are copyrighted. They may not be used or reproduced without explicit written permission from the authors.


Image Type, Orientation: L-RGB Composite, North is at 12:00h
Exposure time:

L: 5x30 sec., R,G: 3x30 sec., B: 8x30 sec., all 1x1 bin

Exposure date: April, 1st 2013, image start at 20:00 UT
Location: West of Lathen, Emsland, Germany
Filter: SBIG 2" LRGB filter set for STL

Canon 200 mm lens 1:2,8 at 3,5, mounted on Super Polaris DX

Photographer: Stefan Binnewies, Rainer Sparenberg

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