[back] Fading after eruption – Comet 17/P Holmes

High resolved image / hoch aufgelöstes Bild   (1600x1034 pixel)

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Astro-Physics 105 mm-refractor (1:6)
October, 26th., October, 31st., November, 6th., November, 18th., December, 16th. 2007 and January, 2nd. 2008
Exposure: Each frame 10 minutes on medium format film Fuji Provia 400X
Location: Much, Germany
Author: Stefan Binnewies
Remarks: Each frame with the same scaling and orientation, North is at 10:15h. /
Jedes Bild mit der selben Skalierung und Ausrichtung, Norden ist bei 10:15h.


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