[back] Abell 71 (PK 084.9+04.4) in Cygnus [NED]

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About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type, Orientation: Ha-RGB Composite, North is at 12:00h
Exposure time: Ha: 20x600 sec.,  R: 2x600sec. , G,B :3x600 sec., all 1x1 bin
Exposure date: August 31th and Septermber 1st for L,  September 4th for R,G,B, all 2007
Location: Skinakas Observatory at Crete, Greece, remote-controlled from Much/Germany
Filter: SBIG 2" RGB filter set for STL + Astronomik
13nm Ha filter
Instrument: Ganymed 60cm-Hypergraph in primary focus (f=1815.9 mm)
Photographer: Stefan Binnewies, Stefan Heutz, Josef Pöpsel


This image is a cropped part of the image shown here.

DDP was used.



Dieses Bild ist ein Ausschnitt des Ansicht, die hier zu finden ist

DDP wurde benutzt.

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