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Type I1m




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About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type, Orientation: LRGB Composite, North is at 12:00
Exposure time: L: 10x8 sec. 1x1 bin, R,G,B: 10x8 sec.2x2 bin
Exposure date: October 15th, 2004
Location: Capella Observatory at Amani Lodge, Kupferberg near Windhoek, Namibia
Filter: FR03 + Astronomik
Typ II LRGB filters
Instrument: Ganymed 60cm-Hypergraph in primary focus, f=1800 mm
Seeing (FWHM): 2.1"
Photographer: Dietmar Böcker

An image of M26 done in secondary focus can be found here.

Almost no image processing.




Ein Bild von M26, im Sekundärfokus photographiert, befindet sich hier.

Praktisch keine Bildbearbeitung.

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