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Concentration Class V.




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About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type: RGB Composite, North is at 11:00
Exposure time: R,G,B: 5x120 sec.each, 1x1 bin
Exposure date: June 20th, 2004
Location: Capella Observatory at Amani Lodge, Kupferberg near Windhoek, Namibia
Filter: FR03 + Astronomik
Typ II LRGB filters
Instrument: Ganymed 60cm-Hypergraph in secondary focus, f=4800 mm
Seeing (FWHM): 2.2"
Photographer: Josef Pöpsel, Beate Behle
Remarks: The main reason to photograph this GC was that it is so near to NGC 6445, which we imaged just before.
Bemerkungen: Der Hauptgrund für dieses Photo war, das NGC 6440 so nahe bei NGC 6445 liegt, den wir just davor photographiert hatten.

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