[back] M106 in Canis Venatici[NED]

High resolved image / hoch aufgelöstes Bild (2600 x 1713 Pixel)

Type/distance:SBbc, ~6.9Mpc/22MLy,




(c) 2011 All astro photo images are copyrighted. They may not be used or reproduced without explicit written permission from the authors and Stefan Heutz.

About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type, Orientation: (L+Ha)-(R+Ha)GB Composite, North is at 1:30h
Exposure time: L: 20 x 900 sec., Ha: 14 x 900 sec., R,G,B: 4 x 900 sec., all 1x1 bin
Exposure date: May 26th/27th, 2009
Location: Skinakas Observatory at Crete, Greece, remote-controlled from Bad Arolsen amd Much/Germany
Filter: SBIG 2" LRGB filter set for STL
Instrument: Ganymed 60cm-Hypergraph in secondary focus (f=4940 mm)
Photographer: Josef Pöpsel, Stefan Binnewies, image editing by Stefan Heutz
Seeing (FWHM): 1.23"

Image editing was difficult, since for some of the luminance images the filter weel partly obstructed the CCD. Even after 3.5 hours of Ha exposure, this data was still very noisy. Both problems were perfectly solved by Stefan Heutz, who did the image editing.




Die Bildbearbeitung war schwierig, da bei einem Teil der Luminanzbelichtungen das Filterrad partiell im Gesichtsfeld der CCD-Kamera stand. Auch das Einfügen der nach 3,5 Std. Belichtung noch sehr dünnen Halpha-Daten gestaltete sich nicht einfach – beide Probleme hat Stefan Heutz im Rahmen der Bildbearbeitung souverän gelöst.

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