[back] IC 5146 (Cocoon Nebula) in Cygnus [NED]

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About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type, Orientation: LRGB Composite, North is at 2:00h
Exposure time: L: 18x600 sec. 1x1 bin,  R,G,B: 6x600 sec. 1x1 bin (6h total)
Exposure date: September 4th (L) and 13th (RGB), 2005
Location: Much, Bergisches Land, Germany (235m above MSL)
Filter: FR03 + Astronomik
Typ II LRGB filters
Instrument: Astro-Physics 105mm-Refractor Traveler, f=600mm
Photographer: Stefan Binnewies
Remarks: Image processed with CCD-Sharp and digital development (DDP).
Bemerkungen: Das Bild wurde mit Hilfe von CCD-Sharp und Digital Development (DDP) bearbeitet.

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