[back] DWB 35/41 in Cygnus

Higher resolved image / höher aufgelöstes Bild   (2800 x 2053 Pixel)

Ha-Version  - Inverted Ha-Version (both 3000 x 2217 Pixel)

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About this Image / Über dieses Bild

Image Type, Orientation: (L+Ha)-HaGB Composite, North is at 12:00h
Exposure time: L: 4x600 sec.,  Ha: 12x600 sec., G,B:6x600 sec., all 1x1 bin
Exposure date: August 22nd/23rd, 2007
Location: Skinakas Observatory at Crete, Greece, remote-controlled from Much/Germany
Filter: SBIG 2" LRGB filter set for STL + Astronomik
Typ II Ha Filter
Instrument: Ganymed 60cm-Hypergraph in primary focus (f=1815.9 mm)
Photographer: Stefan Binnewies, Josef Pöpsel, image editing of the Ha-Only-Versions by Stefan Heutz


Sadir, the "heart" of the cygnus is ~ one image width left to this image. The center coordinates of the image are  RA 20h 13m 30s, Dec 40d 05m 48s.

DDP was used.



Sadir, das "Herz" des Schwans liegt etwa eine Bildschirmbreite links von diesem Bild. Die Mittelpunktskoordinaten des Bildes sind RA 20h 13m 30s, Dec 40d 05m 48s.

DDP wurde benutzt.

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